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How do we collect and hold personal information?

You provide personal information by completing the forms on our website. See our Website Terms and Conditions for the use of this website. You may also send Facebook private messages, Facebook comments, text messages, emails or make phone calls providing personal information.

What is not considered personal information?

You may send photos, sketches, drawings and designs (by means of Facebook message, email, text or any other means) to assist in explaining your request. Any additional information, without explicit identifiers to the buyer is not considered personal information and may be used freely by Creative Design by Nat.

Photographs or reproductions of your products, say for marketing purposes, without explicit identifiers to the buyer, are not considered personal information.

Notably the copyright to this website and designs of all products made by Creative Design by Nat are held by Creative Design by Nat.

We DON’T USE what your browser can collect.

Your browser knows information about the operating system you use, the type of browser you use and the additional browser plugins you have installed. It also collects data on your CPU, GPU, the battery you use, your location, your IP address and the type of device you are using …and more. If you want to restrict cookies from gathering your personal information, you may refuse permission for your browser to use cookies.

What kind of personal information might we collect?

You provide your name, your address and email, contact number and payment details.

Why do we collect and hold your personal information?

It is important to make the correct product and send it or make it available to the correct person (or company). The personal information you supply is necessary to get this right. Your personal information will be kept in a secure environment and only accessed by employees of Creative Design by Nat. We will let you know if our data security is ever breached.

What do we do with your personal information?

Personal information, once used by us to give you the product you have requested, is kept as a secure record. We do not sell or otherwise give or transfer your personal information to any other party without your written consent.

We may also be sent, or collect with your permission, photographs or images of products when in your possession or being used by you. Before any use beyond your intentions, we would seek your permission.

Can I access and change my personal information?

At any time, you can request to know what personal information is held by us, about you. If it is wrong, we will amend it for you. If you want it deleted, we will delete it and notify you when it is deleted.

Can I complain about the way my personal information is being handled?

You may lodge any complaint about the handling of your personal information with Creative Design by Nat.

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